Whether you are an SEO Specialist looking to submit infographics in hopes of a backlink for your client’s website or you are a graphic designer, looking to share your infographic design style with a wider audience, Online Infographic is the place for you.

What You Get

— Staff Review
— Social Media Amplification
— Custom Anchor Text Backlink

What We Need

— 100% Original Content
— Accurately Sourced Data
— 300 Word Minimum Description
— Source URL
— Preferred Anchor Text

What We Don’t Need

— Poor Infographic Design
— Promo / Non-Informational Content
— Unsourced Data
— Pills, Porn, or Poker

What Is The Cost?

— Nothing. I will post your content to my website for free.

Submit Your Infographic

If you are ready to submit your infographic, please submit the form below. Keep in mind, we reserve the right to reject any infographic submission if it fails to meet our previously stated criteria. After completing this form, you will be contacted via email with payment instructions (PayPal). Processing of your infographic submission will not be considered until payment arrangements are made.

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