The Top E-mail Marketing Tools of 2017

Digital marketing is easily one of the best marketing strategies out there. Among the digital marketing channels that exist, email marketing is growing a more vital role in the full spectrum marketing plan. Email marketing is flexible, effective, quantifiable, and allows for a large amount of creativity to be incorporated into it.

There is a widespread misconception that email marketing is just about creating an attractive email and sending it to many through an automated software. That’s all in the past. Now the tools used for email marketing has become so much sophisticated and guarantees excellent results.

An astounding feature of this new age tools is that they have the ability to predict the outcome of an email or even a social media marketing campaign.

However, those who are planning to get into email marketing might be baffled by an obvious question. “What are the effective tools that are put to use in email marketing?”

Check this infographic illustrating the top marketing tools that are being used by digital marketing experts in 2017.

22 Top Email Marketing Tools

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