Online Infographic was founded in 2016 by digital marketing entrepreneur and independent filmmaker in Jacksonville, Florida, Marshall Malone. He was inspired to create Online Infographic based on his love for infographic design, as well as his experiences in trying to find good infographic submission sites that didn’t charge an arm and a leg. Throughout his journey of vetting the hundreds of infographic showcase sites on the web, the one common flaw that the majority of the sites possessed was their lack of custom anchor text do-follow links. Some of the sites offered branded links and some of them offered links with the URL as the anchor text, but none of them understood the power of having proper anchor text linking to the site.

That’s where Online Infographic comes in. We are the only infographic submission site that truly understands the power of backlinks and SEO. For a small fee, we will allow you to host your well-designed infographic and empower you with the choice of custom anchor text directing to the website or landing page of your choice. We set ourselves apart by cutting to the chase. You are here because you want more backlinks and you have a linkable asset to gain that link. We’re here because we love well designed, informational infographics and we want to help you achieve your goals.

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the-infographic-dudeMore About The Webmaster

Marshall Malone is a lot of things. He’s a father, first and foremost, but after that, he’s a jack-of-all-trades that offers digital marketing services for small businesses, enjoys directing, writing, and editing funny videos with his friends, and co-manages a local film contest in Jacksonville. Professionally, he works as an Senior SEO Manager for an excellent drug and alcohol rehab in Jacksonville, FL.